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November 3, 2023

Dear Supporters of Recovery Revolution,

The following is Recovery Revolution, Inc.”s (RRI) Annual Report (July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023) which will highlight accomplishments and changes throughout this past fiscal year. RRI continues to maintain nonprofit status and has a Full License to provide a “Drug Free” Outpatient Program and Level of Care Assessment/Referrals by the PA Department of Health, Division of Drug and Alcohol Program Licensure.

Northampton County Drug and Alcohol, in partnership with Recovery Revolution, Inc. opened a Recovery Center in the Slate Belt to benefit local residents in September 2014. This has provided the Slate Belt community access to more resources, the ability to obtain referrals for assistance, and participate in many different types of programming. We also partnered with NCDA to bring a full-time resource coordinator that focuses on the ancillary needs of the Slate Belt residents.

I would like to acknowledge the commitment of our clients, who courageously take the heavy first steps toward healthier living. I would also like to express my immense pride in our staff members who make Recovery Revolution a place where our clients feel safe and accepted. Finally, let me express my deepest gratitude to you, our community of supporters, for your unwavering dedication to our mission. I hope that you are pleased with how our agency is performing and evolving. I trust that you share our excitement about the role that RRI plays, and will continue to play, in benefiting this area for many years to come. May peace and joy be yours & thank you for the opportunity to serve a growing need in this community.


Jana Morris, MS, CCS, CAADC, LPC
Executive Director

Recovery Revolution History of Program

Recovery Revolution, Inc. (RRI) was created in June 2005 to serve the Slate Belt Region of Northampton County, Pennsylvania. Though traditionally this area has a high need for alcohol and drug services, it often lacks the professional resources necessary to meet that need. The low socioeconomic status of many of our local citizens often proves to be an impediment to resource access; there is not even a reliable public transportation system. Generally, the Slate Belt population simply cannot afford to pay the price of substance abuse treatment charged by for-profit organizations, much less afford to transport themselves to these facilities, all of which are located in cities like Easton, Bethlehem, or Allentown. A viable and affordable alternative was needed and RRI was created to meet the community’s needs. Since RRI is a public charity and non-profit organization, we can provide substance abuse services to a population that is most in need or is mandated to attend treatment. RRI meets this need financially, because fees are based on a sliding scale, and locally, because of little to no travel time. Our staff is highly dedicated to our mission and provides professional, ethical, and client-driven service. We received our Federal IRS 501(c) 3 non-profit status on August 4, 2006. Recovery Revolution, Inc. is licensed as a Drug Free Outpatient Facility by the Pennsylvania Department of Health (since November 2005) through the Division of Drug and Alcohol Program Licensure. This enables us to provide both outpatient treatment and intensive outpatient treatment to a maximum of 175 adolescents and adults (adolescents and adults are treated separately).

Recovery Revolution Inc. has a contract with Colonial Academy, Easton High School, Easton Middle School, and Bangor High School to provide outpatient substance abuse treatment services directly during their school day. The schools do not provide funding for these services; however, they furnish a confidential place to provide quality treatment on site. One of the biggest barriers to adolescent treatment is transportation, which the in-school program directly addresses.

Recovery Revolution has established a team of ancillary support staff. This program is called, “THRIVE- Empowerment thru Experience.” This partnership consists of our local Recovery Center coordinator, our Certified Recovery Specialist and our Recovery Resource Coordinator who works together for outreach, promotion of local recovery services, and have lived experience to walk alongside their mentees.

Current Services offered and Yearly Statistics

Recovery Revolution Inc. offers addiction treatment services on an outpatient and intensive outpatient (1-18 hours per week) basis at 109 Broadway in Bangor, PA. Our hours of operation are Monday- Friday from 9am-8:00pm. During the intake interview, each new client completes an assessment with a highly trained/credentialed professional. This assessment involves gathering information, identifying level of care needs, and includes a urine drug screen for a comprehensive evaluation. We provide services to adolescents and adults. If they meet criteria for outpatient or intensive outpatient, we offer individual and group counseling sessions. All clients are given a choice in providers upon assessment. Individual sessions are scheduled with the client’s primary counselor. In addition, our professional and caring staff assist in any transfer to a higher level of care, such as inpatient or a detoxification facility. To treat our clients in a holistic manner, we also offer referrals to intensive case managers, medical professionals, recovery centers, MAT providers, mental health facilities, or domestic violence centers, to name a few.

We offer many adult groups to accommodate the special needs of our clients. Throughout this year we offered 11 adult groups specializing in many different topics and themes, such as gender specific and trauma groups such as Seeking Safety. We also have offered a separate adolescent group that meets once a week, when we have enough adolescent clients for a group. We are currently offering all of our services in person and utilize telehealth for individuals on a case-by-case basis circumstance. Due to the nature of addiction, we find it more helpful to interact with our client’s face-to face, for ongoing assessment of needs.

In 2009, Recovery Revolution became a cornerstone of the Slate Belt Area by purchasing a building in the downtown area. It is three stories and over the years, we have grown into the building, now utilizing all three floors.

We offer family sessions and encourage anyone significant in the client’s life to be involved with the treatment process. At the end of fiscal year 2008, we created a program to address needs of families and friends of substance users through their own intervention group. RRI’s program has been well received and well attended. The “Parents, Partners, and Loved ones” seminar is 6 weeks in length and addresses issues such as codependency, enabling, support groups, as well as education regarding the disease of addiction. We have offered this course in person and open it to our client’s who struggle with these issues as well. We provide individual family codependency treatment at a self-pay/sliding scale rate. We also provide full intervention services for families that need a professional to walk alongside and create an environment for a loved one to gain treatment. In addition, we offer brief family interventions where we help the family come up with a plan that they execute amongst family members.

RRI offered sober activies and events since 2008 to our alumni and active clients. In 2014, with the partnership of Northampton County Drug and Alcohol, we were able to open a “A Clean Slate,” the Slate Belt’s own Recovery Center to benefit our residents. The Northampton County Drug and Alcohol Division is committed to supporting opportunities for residents of Northampton County in recovery as they commit to a lifelong process of change that permits them to make healthy choices and improve the quality of his or her life. In February 2021, RRI purchased a building for the Recovery Center. The downstairs is for A Clean Slate Recovery Center and the upstairs is a one-bedroom apartment reserved for a person that is in recovery. A Clean Slate’s hours of operation are Monday: 10am-2pm Tuesday: 1 pm-6pm Wednesday: 10am-6pm Thursday/Friday: 10am-5pm Saturday: 10am- 2pm. The staff at A Clean Slate are knowledgeable about recovery and can assist people in finding treatment programs and/or services appropriate to their needs. A Clean Slate does not offer any counseling services and is not a treatment program. The Center does provide referral and information to individuals and family members that are seeking help. A Clean Slate also provides a computer lab and business resources for the recovering community to help with resume building, job searching, letter writing, attending an online 12-step meeting, completing medical assistance applications and other recovery-related services. A Clean Slate is not affiliated with any specific 12-step group, however rents space to these meetings. ACS currently has AA, NA, ACOA, Alanon, and Faith based recovery meetings going on weekly. We are open to new programs and projects that benefit our residents.

In the fiscal year of 2022-2023, RRI treated 277 active clients in our main office location and all the school locations to include adolescents and adults, and completed an additional 18 assessments, which warranted subsequent referrals.

As stated above, RRI provides outpatient drug and alcohol services for several schools in Northampton County during the school year of 2022-2023. We were able to provide services to adolescents to include assessments and individual therapy. Due to telehealth expansion, we were able to meet with these students virtually at times that worked for the adolescent. Recovery Revolution generally sees between 150-200 students per fiscal year for outpatient services at our different schools. After COVID, many teens found alternative ways to attend. During 20-21 it was only about 40 throughout the fiscal year. The last two years, we saw an average of 75 kids throughout the fiscal year.

RRI generally hosts fundraising events, however, many of the reoccurring events were cancelled due to COVID. Fortunately after two years straight of being cancelled, the Highmark Walk at Desales was in person. This is RRI main fundraiser since we still cannot have the comedy show.

Our collaborative partnership with Senior Life that started in 2019 is running smoothly. Through both telehealth and in-person sessions, we have been able to assist many seniors with addiction issues. We expanded this program in 2021-22 and work with over 50 seniors per year.

Company Financials

Campbell, Rappold & Yurasits LLP, an accounting firm practicing out of Allentown, PA, performed
our audit of our financial records to provide tax compliance services for our federal and state
reporting. Our total revenue for the year was $711,072 while our operating expenses for the year were
$788,495 which resulted in a net loss of ($77,423) for the year. We currently have long-term debt of
$104,290. This debt is the mortgage of our most recent building purchase.

Board of Directors

Our Fiscal Year 2022-2023 Board of Directors were as follows:

John Bowen, President
VP Business

Patrice Farda
Retired Restaurant Owner

Dan Gagnon

Diane Huschke
Business Owner/Retired RN

Alyson Dellaria, Secretary
Domestic Violence Advocate

Tony Ventola
VP of Sales

Virgina Pena
Document Specialist