Recovery Revolution was founded in 2005 in Bangor, PA primarily by our current Executive Director, Ms. Jana Morris. Jana and her early supporters recognized that for too long the people of Slate Belt Region lacked affordable addictions treatment options. For a brief video about our history, click here.

Once identified, this need became an opportunity for Jana to fulfill her dream of establishing a local, independent facility. RRI would not only be affordable and accessible but more importantly, it would be a program that is client-focused and success-oriented.

Mary Carr, the Northampton County Drug and Alcohol Administrator in 2005, provided essential information on what sections of Northampton County were in the most need of outpatient services. We began with a staff of two and in the first two months of opening, there were 20 people coming for treatment on a weekly basis. The number of individuals seeking treatment grew. In response, RR expanded our staff, every few months.

At the end of 2009, we moved into our first permanent location at 109 Broadway. In establishing this base we are better positioned to expand our service of the Slate Belt community. In 2010, just five years from inception, we had 10 staff members and an average of 100 clients that were seen on a weekly basis.

Recovery Revolution continues to create quality programming that addresses the direct needs of the community that we serve. And we are thankful for all those who have helped and supported us along the way.