Recovery Revolution, Inc. is the only licensed drug and alcohol treatment center in the Slate Belt Region of PA.  We offer outpatient, intensive outpatient, and partial services (1-20 hours of therapy a week) for adolescents and adults.  We work with all insurances and will also accept individuals with medical assistance and no insurance.  We also offer an outpatient program in Colonial Academy, Easton High School, Easton Middle School and Wilson High School. 

Recovery Revolution is licensed by the State for both drug and alcohol and gambling services. Over the years, Recovery Revolution has gained recognition and has had many successes.  Our founder measures success in a different manner.  Instead of looking at relapse into old behavior as the ONLY indicator of a program’s success, we measure the tangible impact on the community.  We started with an area that was identified with the largest need.  In 2005, we began with 2 counselors and 2 services.  In 2019, we have grown to over 13 employees with over 20 services.  Today, one of our largest referral sources are former clients, active alumni and people that are in recovery (but have not specifically gone through our program).   We hire quality addictions therapist that are leaders in the field.  We do great work based on the care we put into the hiring process and in order to protect our phenomenal reputation.

Our programs and model has received recognition from County and State entities. In 2010, we were recognized by Magellan Behavioral Health for having the “Most Innovative Program.”  In 2011 Recovery Revolution received the HealthChoices Provider of the Year Award from COMCARE.  Recovery Revolution was chosen from all addictions and mental health treatment providers in 67 counties of Pennsylvania  In March 2019, our Executive Director was awarded the PCB “Professional of the Year” Award for her dedication to the addiction’s field.    In May 2019, our Director also received a Freedom Fighter award from Valley Against Sex Trafficking for her “Extraordinary Commitment to Justice.” Read about all of these recognitions here.

Level of Care Assessments

At the initial appointment, a person seeking treatment will meet with a Licensed/ Credentialed Master’s Level Clinician who interviews and assesses the new client’s particular needs. During the Level of Care Assessment, Recovery Revolution clinicians will determine Level of Addiction Care (Detox, Inpatient, Outpatient). If appropriate for our treatment, we will also determine hours of therapy needed per week and will match the counseling professional to the personality, the client’s needs, and schedule. During the initial assessments, other referrals will be made if necessary, to other community agencies such as mental health, medical, psychiatric, etc.

Outpatient/Intensive Outpatient

Recovery Revolution provides Individual, Group & Family Counseling in a confidential and supportive setting. We run approximately 12 groups per week. Group sessions include many different topics and are held at varying times to accommodate group needs and client’s schedules. The number of treatment hours is determined by the Initial Level of Care assessment and assessed on a weekly basis at the clinical staff meeting. Outpatient/ Intensive Outpatient typically requires between 1 and 15 hours of treatment per week. We offer separate programs for adolescents and adults.

Outpatient Gambling Treatment

Recovery Revolution is licensed as an Outpatient Gambling Site for individuals who struggle with gambling problems. Groups and individual sessions are conducted by a certified gambling counselor. Funding is available for individuals that meet the criteria in Pennsylvania.

Random Alcohol and Drug Screening

As part of our screening and programming, we utilize in-house drug screening and Breathalyzer. Our treatment center relies on these screens to keep our environment safe and help clients remain honest while in treatment. These tests are used as a clinical tool only and cannot be used in lieu of drug screening programs mandated by governmental agencies. We offer in-house screening and have partnered with Quest Labs to confirm and quantify the results.

Partial Hospitalization Program

The Partial Hospitalization is a 3-6 week intensive program designed to assist individuals in establishing and maintaining sobriety while remaining in their home environment. This unique program (the only one in the county) is designed to jumpstart the recovery lifestyle. This individualized program can be tailored to individual’s schedules and it is meant to be in conjunction with support meetings. This program targets people leaving early from inpatient treatment, those in need of extra support and to assist individuals that want to develop tools required to maintain abstinence.

The program is 10-20 hours of treatment a week. Participants need to commit to at least three days a week and a minimum of 3 hours a day. Each participant will additionally receive at least 2 hours a week of individual sessions to focus on their specific triggers and pitfalls to recovery.

School-Based Outpatient Program

A barrier in adolescent treatment is having access to the transportation required to attend programming. For this reason, Recovery Revolution provides Individual, Group, & Family Counseling directly at Colonial Academy in Wind Gap, PA, Easton High School, Easton Middle School, and in Wilson School District.

Parents, Partners, & Loved Ones Program

Addiction impacts the entire family. Statistics reveal that 1 in 4 Americans will be significantly impacted by a loved one’s addiction in their lifetime. This program is offered for 6 consecutive weeks. This program is conducted by Carol Geedman, a counselor with over 25 years of experience helping clients and their loved ones suffering from addiction. These classes address topics such as: disease of addiction, codependency, enabling, support systems, and helpful tools to begin to bring the focus back to themselves. This program began in 2008.

Advanced Parents, Partners, & Loved Ones

This program is for individuals who have completed our 12-hour program and feel they need more help and support. We have created a follow-up program that expands on all concepts from the first 12-hour course. This was a request by many participants that attended the first series, so we created this program in 2011.

Full Intervention Services

Recovery Revolution is committed to assisting the recovery of the entire family.  Many times, loved ones are so caught up in their addiction that they are unable to stop on their own.  Addiction impacts the entire family and often the members of the family that are not drinking/using need guidance to help interrupt their love one’s use.  The addicted individual needs assistance in making a decision to stop the addictive behavior.  Part of Recovery Revolution’s mission is to create programs and services that address the needs of the community. 

Recovery Revolution trained staff member can be hired to conduct Interventions for your loved ones. Interventions are useful for individuals that struggle with addiction however refuse or are unable to see that addiction has taken over their lives. A clinician will work with the family and set up all plans for the individual that is in need.

Brief Family Consultation Services

This service was designed to give affordable professional advice to family members who are looking for professional direction.   All key family members will meet with a trained substance abuse therapist to discuss their specific situation and needs.  During your initial Family Consultation session, which will last approximately one hour, you will be able to share information concerning your loved one’s substance abuse issues and identify the impact it has had on both the individual and your family. A plan will be developed to assist your family in confronting the substance abuse problem as well as to identify ways to engage your loved one in treatment.  As part of this plan, your Family Consultant may suggest programs that we feel would best suit the addicted person and the family members.

Grief Group for Parents who lost a child

Sadly, the need for a Grief Group was identified in our community because of the high incident of young deaths in our area. Our experience has shown that parents of children with stigmatized deaths have a difficult time connecting with general grief support groups. They are often re-traumatized in these groups. RR invites parents that have lost their children to addiction or other stigmatized deaths to join our 6 -week program. We generally run this program in the Fall and Spring. There is no cost for this service, as RR believes that the family has lost enough. Each participant will receive a book and a journal and the groups are led by a woman that understands addiction and has a long work history with grief and loss.

School-Based Prevention/Ed Program

We have several different programs available depending on the school’s needs and the participant’s age. In-class sessions generally focus on education, coping skills, resources, & healthy decision making. We can provide services from Elementary School to College Campuses.

DUI Program

We provide a first time DUI offenders program on a flexible schedule. Our state-of-the-art program offers self-assessments, education, and resources and all services are facilitated by licensed/credentialed counselors. We never use interns or non-credentialed staff to conduct any aspect of this program.

Education for Community & School Professionals

Our trained clinical staff can provide education at our site or yours, on a wide variety of topics. We provide up-to-date information regarding drug trends, addiction traits, and how to recognize individuals who are under the influence of a mood-altering substance.

Sober Support Activities

Active clients and family members are encouraged to attend planned activities throughout the year hosted by Recovery Revolution, A Clean Slate, and community agencies. This fosters socialization skills and introduces them to individuals that can support their continued sobriety. We also offer free events every year for the purpose of promoting recovery, educating about addiction, and supporting the community that we serve. For example, on the Saturday closest to St. Patrick’s Day, we hold our annual recovery day. This is a 7-hour event with speakers, free food and door prizes. Also, every Tuesday in September, we hold “Lunch and Learn” Community Forums on topics that are currently impacting our community. Lunch and all the information provided is free of cost.

Life Skills Course

We offer an 18-hour course (6 weeks) to assist anyone who would benefit from resume building, banking 101, parenting skills and much more. This program was funded by a grant, however, we are able to tailor this course to any agencies needs whose clientele would benefit from this information.

Alumni Association

In 2008, at the request of alumni, RR started an alumni association. They met quarterly and established three primary purposes: To help the active clients at RR, to provide sober activities, and to reduce stigma by being present in the community and completing service activities. Over the years, they have been responsible for putting on picnics, held a bowling league and participating in many service projects. In 2019, after another request from individuals that were recently graduating, we created a staff run group that is free for our alumni to gain support and continue the primary purposes of the association. This is a group that meets the first Wednesday of the month and there are no dues or fees to participate.

Certified Recovery Specialist (CRS) Services

A Certified Recovery Specialist (CRS) is a person in recovery that walks alongside a person in need. The CRS provides leadership skills, critical knowledge, recovery skills, abilities, and attitudes that will assist individuals struggling with their recovery and barriers. The CRSs engage in a wide range of activities which include and are not limited to goal planning and task setting with the individual, providing links to resources in the community, sharing of experience, community and relationship building, group facilitation (non-therapeutic), skill-building, mentoring, and recovery coaching.

In 2018, RR recognized the need for CRS services to the Slate Belt area. Under a SAMSHA grant, PRO-A completed a free training at A Clean Slate, which enabled us to train over 22 people. The two employees that work at A Clean Slate received their CRS certifications.

Recovery Center

Since 2008, Recovery Revolution began to address the need for sober activities through our alumni association. We created yearly events to reduce stigma, promote recovery, and give free education. Recovery Revolution was given the opportunity to expand on these efforts. On September 16, 2014, Northampton County Drug and Alcohol in partnership with Recovery Revolution, Inc. opened a Recovery Center called “A Clean Slate” in the Slate Belt to benefit our local residents.  The Center is located at 100 S. 1st Street in Downtown Bangor. A Clean Slate’s hour of operations are Monday: 10am -2 pm Tuesday: 4pm-8pm Wednesday: 4pm-8pm  Thursday: 10am-5 pm  Friday: 10am -5 pm  Saturday: 10am- 2pm. Please check out A Clean Slate Website for further information.